Our Rivers

2022 Campaign

Not Everyone Has Equal Access to Healthy Rivers.

We’re raising $100,000 to improve equitable access to clean, healthy rivers in underserved and Black, indigenous and communities of color, because Our Rivers are for all.

You Can Help

Campaign Vision

For rivers to be healthy today and into the future, everyone — regardless of their gender, race, culture, socio-economic status, physical ability, or background — must have equal access and opportunity to enjoy and learn about them. We need every community to feel welcomed, well-connected, and well-equipped to participate in making decisions and taking action to protect our waterways.

Disadvantaged communities, often communities of color, live in areas disproportionately affected by pollution and environmental degradation. In many of these locations, it can be a struggle to access healthy waterways and even basic resources like clean water. Everyone deserves clean water and the opportunity to benefit from healthy rivers. The Our Rivers Campaign is our strategy to get the right people at the table and the right organizations in our network for our grants to support the people working on the ground to make it happen, propelling progress toward goals laid out in our Strategic Plan.


Forever Our Rivers pledges to contribute at least $100,000 in 2022 to nonprofits working for equitable river access in the Southwest among diverse and underserved communities. Removing barriers and fostering connection will support these communities in their efforts to connect with and care for their rivers over time.

Forever Our Rivers will recruit new River Partners, particularly those with diverse and underrepresented leadership, focusing on projects to benefit underserved communities within our current focus area, the American Southwest.