Holly Loff, former executive director of the Eagle River Watershed Council. In the third episode of the Our Rivers Podcast, we interview Holly and Eagle County Commissioner, Kathy Chandler-Henry, about how aridification in the west is affecting their community.

The Eagle River joins the Colorado River as it exits the Rocky Mountains. Together, they deliver water to millions. But before that, the Eagle River runs through small mountain towns like Eagle and Gypsum that revolve around its waters. 

The river supports their agricultural and tourist economies while providing drinking water, wildlife habitat and the daily access to outdoor recreation we all dream of. 

The massive western drought threatens it all.

Find out how the Eagle River Watershed Council is working to protect their river in the third episode of the Our Rivers Podcast. From installing rain barrels and planting trees to taking time to enjoy the river they work to protect, guests Kathy Chandler-Henry and Holly Hoff have some very good advice. Kathy is, among many things, an Eagle County commissioner. Holly is the former executive director of the Watershed Council.