Community Grants

Forever Our Rivers Grant Programs

Community Grants

Our vision is led by a core belief that the health of communities is inextricably tied to the state of the rivers and streams that flow through them. Our goals for the Community Grants are to connect rivers and people in meaningful ways that result in improved health for both. We strive to reconnect rivers with their floodplains, restore habitat within and along rivers, and enhance water quality and availability, among other approaches. We also prioritize education and experiences that shape our future generations to be river stewards.

Our 2023 grant recipients are:

  • Lincoln Hills Cares aims to make the upper reach of Segment 15 of the South Platte River fishable and swimmable. 
  • The San Juan Citizens Alliance extends river access to northern New Mexico, supporting the community’s economic transition from coal to recreation following plant closures.
  • Rio Grande Headwaters Restoration will enhance irrigation systems to aid farmers, improve streamflow and protect riparian habitats along the Conejos River.
  • Colorado Canyons Association, in partnership with Hispanic Affairs Project and Upward Bound, offers river rafting trips for youth and young adults to connect with their local rivers.
  • Friend of Youth and Nature provides underserved youth with water-related education and recreation programs, fostering emotional connections to water sources.
  • Rio Grande Headwaters Land Trust will restore freshwater wetlands at Jasper Springs in Rio Grande County, benefiting agricultural and ranching water sources.
  • Funds support the Colorado Water Trust in purchasing water to maintain the Yampa River’s health, preserving ecosystems and supporting agriculture and tourism.
  • Colorado West Land Trust secures riparian habitat for public open space, wildlife migration, and trails, protecting wetlands’ ecological value.
  • High Country Conservation Advocates collaborates with Gunnison Valley Mentors to offer middle school girls a riparian restoration experience at the Taylor River headwaters.
  • Eureka! in Grand Junction provides hands-on education and data collection programs to introduce local students to climate change and water science along the Colorado River, focusing on underserved youth.

For more details, read our 2023 Community Grants blog here.

“Over 220 species of birds breed and nest along the Verde River. They require a healthy, flowing Verde River and funding from Forever Our Rivers has allowed us to continue the important work of ensuring that our riverside habitat is healthy. To me, river restoration means more fish, more birds, more river otters and more wildlife that call this river home.” – Nancy, Friends of the Verde River