Congratulations Erica Nelson!

Erica Nelson in one of her happy places, on the river.

We’d like to congratulate Erica Nelson on her recent feature in The New York Times! Erica is a fly fishing guide, diversity and inclusivity consultant, and host of the Awkward Angler Podcast. She’s also an ambassador for one of our nonprofit partners and 2020 grantees, Brown Folks Fishing.

The first episode of the Our Rivers Podcast features Erica’s work to improve equity in the fishing industry with the Angling for All Pledge, as described in the article. We highly recommend learning more about Erica and checking out the New York Times article, which includes gems like:

In Diné culture, there’s a concept called “living in Hohzo,” a philosophy of striving for a balance that encompasses beauty, order and harmony.

I try to have a reciprocal relationship with fly fishing. 

I see a lot of people in the sport and industry wanting to take. When I’m on the water, I want to show up as my full self and maybe give back too. I want that for everyone.

Erica Nelson